Line Walker: Bull Fight Season 1 Episode 8

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Trial proceedings in the Kin-yi case begin. Sin-ching summons Hiu-wah to testify. But she is not asking the key questions. Ka-keung questions Sin-ching if she is threatened by Chok-wing. Sin-ching explains she does not want Cheuk Hoi to go to prison again. Sin-ching is looking for some illegal organ donee to testify against Kin-yi. Some boy who has undergone heart transplant surgery wants to take his own life after he has found out the truth. Fortunately, Ka-keung and Sin-ching intervene. The boy’s parents agree to testify in court. Kin-yi is eventually found guilty. However, Sin-ching’s liver condition is deteriorating. Ho-yeung’s minions take Ah-hei away as she has deliberately run up a huge debt at the online casino. Ka-keung suggests Ho-yeung allow Ah-hei to repay her debt by working. At a Song Luen assembly, veterans decide whoever makes the most money in two months is to become the new gang boss.

Nama Episode:Episode 8

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