Line Walker: Bull Fight Season 1 Episode 9

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Ah-hei resorts to working as a croupier at the online casino as she cannot repay her debt. Ho-yeung is impressed when he sees Ah-hei showing off her seductive dancing finesse to the guests. Security Bureau’s Security Intelligence Agency is officially operating. Chok-wing instructs Tin-tong to raid Ho-yeung’s online casino. Suk-mui returns to Hong Kong and moves into Tin-tong’s place. They still get along like they used to. Wai Kit asks Cheuk Hoi to help Ho-yeung become gang boss. Cheuk Hoi in turn asks Suk-mui for help. Cheuk Hoi and Suk-mui notice there is some fake online casino, which has poached a lot of business from Ho-yeung. The duo get into trouble while they are investigating. Fortunately, Ka-keung intervenes. Ka-keung knows Cheuk Hoi is helping Ho-yeung. He wants Kei-gee to change the undercover personnel as he is worried about Ah-hei being recognized. Kei-gee declines.

Nama Episode:Episode 9

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